Twisted Gut (Torsion or Bloat)

This condition is caused by a twisting of the stomach and thus trapping the stomach contents and gases resulting in a rapid swelling of the abdomen accompanied by pain and eventual death if untreated. It is a true emergency, requiring immediate veterinary action. This condition is most often found in large deep chested breeds. Anyone owning a deep chested breed, susceptible to Twisted Gut should be prepared to handle the emergency procedures necessary, including having readily available the name and phone number of emergency clinics and/or who to call after hours.

Symptoms can be subtle. You should learn to recognize them:

  • Continuous pacing and/or lying down in odd places.
  • Salivating, panting, whining.
  • Unable to get comfortable.
  • Acting agitated.
  • Unproductive vomiting or retching (may produce frothy foamy vomit in small quantities).
  • Excessive drooling, usually accompanied by retching noises.
  • Swelling in abdominal area (may or may not be noticeable).

If ANY combination of these symptoms are noticed, CALL YOUR VET and get the dog there as fast as possible. Bloat is LIFE-THREATENING.

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